Current Actions

  • Support the Smarter Sentencing Act

    The Smarter Sentencing Act (S.1410) would significantly reduce harsh minimum mandatory sentences for low-level drug offenses and help increase fairness, reduce racial disparity and limit overcrowding in the Bureau of Prisons.

  • Urge Your Senator to End Gun Violence Today

    The terrible gun shooting in Newtown, CT happened just a few months ago and already we have seen thousands more die due to gun violence. As the Senate begins to debate gun violence prevention legislation we must let them know that we want them to do all they can to keep our communities safe from this epidemic of gun violence. 

  • This IS the Day to Stop Gun Violence

    After the tragedy losing 27 lives to gun violence in Newtown, Conn, all of us know — regardless of where we stand on access to guns — there are simple things that Congress can and must do to prevent gun violence and more senseless tragedies.

    This letter is to be sent to President Obama asking that meaningful action be taken. A church in Virignia vowed to keep the letter in its church foyer, solicit new signatures and send it in repeatedly until Congress takes action.

    You and your congregation are encouraged to do the same, so we can work together to ensure fewer gun-violence tragedies in the future. 

    The letter is to go to:

    President Barack Obama
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
    Washington, DC 20500

  • Send a Message to your U.S. Senators

     Send a message to your elected leaders on any topic of your choice.

  • Send a Message to your U.S. Representative

     Send a message to your elected leaders on any topic of your choice.

  • Stand With Us Against Malaria, HIV&AIDS and Tuberculosis

    No single organization will overcome malaria working alone. We all must stand together to fight this disease.

    The children of Africa need your voice. The U.S. government has a tradition of providing critical support to vulnerable communities as they struggle to fight life-threatening diseases like malaria, but global health funds are at risk every year.

    Please join us in encouraging elected officials to support continued Global Health funding in the U.S. budget. Because when it comes to saving lives, everyone has a part to play.

    Without continued US government support, families in Africa face a grave future - decades of hard work and progress could be undone.

  • I am Prophet-Driven

    We the people called United Methodist are committed to ministry with those living in poverty. As witnesses to the economic hardships faced by our brothers and sisters in the United States and around the world, we believe their needs and interests must be the focus of any recovery agenda. We reject the notion that those on the margins must suffer first and recover last. Instead, scripture demands we place those living on the economic margins at the center of our vision of a just economy.

  • Take Action! Tell Congress to Invest in Mothers and Families

    Every two minutes somewhere in the world a woman dies from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Nearly all of these women live in parts of the world where poverty is debilitating and healthcare is inaccessible. This is a moral tragedy that calls us to respond with Christ’s compassion and love.

    Please help us support healthy mothers and healthy births by reaching out to your Members of Congress and encouraging them to continue our investments in international family planning programs.  These investments can drastically reduce the number of maternal deaths and help create thriving communities.

    Input your zip code below to get started and feel free to add your own thoughts to the sample letter below about why these programs are important for our church and our world. 

    Sample letter: 

    As a United Methodist and a constituent, I am writing to urge you to support increased funding for international family planning in the Fiscal Year 2014 budget.  

    Investing in family planning is both an issue of public health and morality. The United Methodist Church is a global denomination of more than 12 million members with an historic commitment to family planning and ensuring the health of women and children.  Our Social Principles affirm the right of all people “to have access to comprehensive reproductive health/family planning information and services which will serve as a means to prevent unplanned pregnancies, reduce abortion, and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.”  

    As a person of faith, I am deeply troubled by the alarming rates of maternal and child mortality around the globe. Every two minutes a woman dies from complications during pregnancy or childbirth—a total of more 287,000 women per year, most of whom live in the developing world. More than 222 million worldwide would like to prevent pregnancy but have no access to modern contraceptive services. By meeting this need, women and men would be empowered to make healthy decisions about the timing and spacing of their children, and the lives of both women and children would be saved.  

    As you make decisions about U.S. foreign assistance, I urge you to increase spending for international family planning for FY2014.