Faithful Alternative to the Fiscal Cliff

As President Obama and Congressional leaders continue negotiations to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff,” we as people of faith have a critical opportunity to raise our voices on behalf of those on the economic margins who are all too often excluded from these conversations. Outside of The United Methodist Building here in Washington, D.C., we have been displaying a banner that provides our elected officials with fiscal “cliff notes” to remind them of our vision for a moral budget and economy:

  1. Protect the poor,
  2. Create good jobs for all, and
  3. End the warfare state.

This week, GBCS sent a letter to President Obama and all members of Congress providing a vision, rooted in the Gospel and grounded in the statements of The United Methodist Church, to guide their negotiations in the days and weeks ahead.  You can read the letter at A Faithful Alternative to the Fiscal Cliff.

Join us today by echoing this call. Write your Senators and Representative. Ask them to prioritize the needs of the poor, require more from the wealthiest among us and value true human security over the perpetual warfare state.

Together we can reorder our nation’s fiscal and budget policy to reflect our shared concern for those living in poverty and all those struggling on the economic margins.

Send a message to your U.S. Representative.

Send a message to your U.S. Senators.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here