Reach Every Mother & Child Act

Each year more than 300,000 women die due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth and 1 million newborns die on their first day of life. Tragically, many of these deaths are preventable with access to simple, evidence-based solutions.

With your voice, you can help end preventable maternal and child deaths within a generation. Representatives Reichert (R-WA 8), McCaul (R-TX 10), McCollum (D-MN 4th), and Lee (D-CA 13th) introduced The Reach Every Mother and Child Act to help scale up simple, evidence-based solutions like access to prenatal care, immunizations, and safe drinking water to save the lives of 15 million children and 600,000 women by 2020.

Enter your zip code here to urge your Representatives to co-sponsor The Reach Every Mother and Child Act so that all may survive and thrive.