Profit from Pain is Inhumane

Dignity, Not Detention!


The private-prison industry is fast growing with the two largest companies, Corrections Corp. of America and GEO Group, posting profits of $2.9 billion by the end of 2010. Private prison corporations actively lobby for laws that incentivize filling prisons and detention facilities to increase their own profits at the expense of our communities.

In January 2012, the United Methodist Board of Pension & Health Benefits announced its decision to divest and prohibit investments in private prisons.  Read more...

In 2003, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly called for the abolition of private prisons. On March 1, 2012, the newly formed Presbyterian Criminal Justice Network hand-delivered letters to their governors, saying no to private prisons: not in our state, not anywhere.

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Profiting from private prisons is a betrayal of all that we stand for and believe in as United Methodists and followers of Jesus.

Private prisons target people of color.

The two largest private prison companies, CCA and GEO, actively promote the criminalization and incarceration of immigrants. CCA has publically acknowledged that detaining immigrants who are out of status is a "growth opportunity" for the company.

How you can fight the privatization of prisons

Call your Governor with the message that people of faith say "no" to profit from the incarceration of our sisters and brothers. Go to 

Get involved in detention and/or prison visitation

If you are United Methodist, Learn about Rapid Response Teams in yout Annual Conference and join their work to mobilize congregations in your conference to welcome immigrants and defend their civil and human rights. Email Bill Mefford for details at

Learn about efforts to change sentencing laws and end mass incarceration of communities of color,

Support  National Justice for Our Neighbors, our United Methodist migrant legal aid program Advance # 901285 or contact for more information.

Support detainees and their families through prayers, bond, material aid and accompaniment; or

View the PBS Frontline documentary Lost in Detention with family and friends,

Join the divestment campaign from private prisons CCA & GEO,

Call on the Obama Administration to take executive action to stop detentions and deportations